I copied this idea from a picture I saw of two little boys while I was looking up ideas for a John Deere birthday party. 

Since my boys share a birthday month, starting this year they will be sharing a birthday party. The plan is for them to wear these somewhat matching shirts. I don't think I thought I would be the matching mom type, but I think it can be so cute. 
1. Cut out the number desired out of a piece of paper.
2. Using an old shirt - ours is a very sentimental Hulk shirt turned rags from Dad - fold the shirt so you have three layers of material.
3. Pin the number to the shirt and sew. Be careful not to sew the front and back of the shirt together, not like I ever did that. I used yellow thread to incorporate the other John Deere color. I also originally was going to stamp on the shirt "One" and "Three" but then decided against it. It would be cute to do on the back or the other side of the shirt.
There they are! The finished product! And they are finished in plenty of time before their party! How often does that happen!
They're pretty excited about them too...
12/18/2012 04:47:53 am

Oh my goodness, these are so adorable (almost as cute as the kiddos wearing them)! You are so creative!


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