I'm not even sure if 'not always rainbows' is a phrase, but it's what I first thought of, so feel free to start saying it.

I just wanted to share some reality again, I know I've mentioned it before, but things are not always just the way you want, or just the way you plan in life. That goes for anyone, and I feel especially for parents with young children. 
In our house for example, nap time and bed time have been a struggle with our oldest. He is 3 and sleeps in his toddler bed. Now to me, this looks very comfy, and I am sure there are days that I would just love to crawl into it and sleep, just give me a nap! But he does not feel that same way.
For whatever reason, whether it's because he doesn't want to miss out on anything, or I missed the window of bed and now he is over-tired... whatever it is, it can be very trying at times. Whether he would is laying in bed singing/talking for two hours, or constantly coming out of bed for two hours, bed-time has had it's ups and downs over at this house. 

Tonight, however, was amazing! I put a soft lullabye CD on in his room and he fell asleep to music playing and did not get out of bed once! A Miracle! It is so nice to have some quiet time to get things done or just get a breather! I'm hoping this works for at least a week! 

But back to the crazies that sometimes happen; here are a few examples for you that have happened during our nap times. Maybe a few ideas for your little ones:
Make your own science experiment... you just need lotion, baby wipes and powder and you make a lovely paste! Much more fun than napping!
A potluck of puzzles, books and toys. A sure way to keep the mind going.
I'm pretty sure that both times when this has happened, I could just see in his eyes he was soooo tired! Why do kids fight it so much?! 
Here's another one, not nap-time - but really...?
I'm sharing these to let you know you are not the only ones. But I know that all these stories will one day be fun memories that we share with our kids and look back on all too soon. 
I couldn't even make these things up though! Along with all the precious, sweet memories I have of my kiddos, I have some pretty awesome/drive mom crazy moments as well! 
Anyone feel like sharing theirs?!
This isn’t a post about the great cookies I made today - because they aren’t great.

This isn’t a post about how I was able to clean my skillet to look good as new – because it hardly looks any different.

This post is about reality. 
Reality is, I’ve been wanting to clean my grungy flat skillet for a while now, and in between mommy-ing, I finally tried a so-called-solution.
Boil some water in the skillet with some vinegar. The oil should come to the top (like magic, right?!) Well it may have gotten the tiniest bit of something off… After that, clean with soap and water. Done. 
Move on to making a paste from baking soda and water, and then spread that on the skillet and scrub.

I scrubbed and DID notice the water and soap turning a slight brown, so I know it got something off, however, the skillet does not look shiny and new…Fail.
I then looked up that doing certain thing to non-stick pans does not do a pan good… like adding oils, or butter, or running it under water when it has not completely cooled. Oiy! So I fear that my skillet has carbonized and warped to a non-fixable state. But hey, it still gets the job done; it still makes my pancakes and grilled cheeses!
Moving along to today’s adventure of chocolate chip cookies.

I have long -since -longed to make the most delicious tasting AND delicious looking chocolate chip cookies, and in recent days, have gotten some really good batches! My sister actually found the recipe that I use now, and with a few of my own changes I have had some good ones. You know, they are chewy, look fluffy and bumpy… YUM! 
So with today needing a pick me up, I thought I would just whip some up. (Whip some up, right…Easier said than done with two little babes running amuck!) Between getting this, getting that, helping him and catching him, and after listening to the whole Nsync Christmas album, and still not finishing these cookies... I finally finished them! 
And they looked like this…    
So then I had this to pick me up :) 
Not fluffy…looking a bit burned…not going to be all soft and chewy once they cool.
But you know what? That’s OKAY! The boys of the house love them, and out of the oven they ARE delish!

Life isn’t perfect for anyone, and as much as I would have liked to have some posts that make it seem like I have it all put together, all the time, and that I always make the best cookies, and clean things great every time…Reality is, I don’t!
Maybe someday I’ll make that great batch, and when I do, I will share it with you!
So maybe I didn’t have the perfect outcomes... 

But look at these guys… THESE are perfect!