Who really needs directions on how to make a paper chain, right? Well apparently I probably could have benefited, and you will find out why by following the pictures...
So I am a little behind, seeing as half of December is gone already, but I made it anyway. 
When my little guy hears Christmas songs with the word Christmas, he'll say, "it's not Christmas yet, it's winter" and then the other day a few friends were over for a play date and he exclaimed, "it's Christmas!" 
So I thought I would try to help him understand by making a countdown chain. 
I haven't made one of these in I can't remember when, but I can figure it out, right? Number my pieces, tape them together...
You can't see the bottom, but the top number, the 14 is the final chain-link. Hmm.. that doesn't seem right...
OKAY - there we go, we end with Christmas at the top! and the biggest number on the bottom. 14 more days until Christmas! I'll have Raef rip or cut off a link each day.

Next year I am thinking of doing a Joshua Tree which I recently read about (which isn't a chain I know, but it's a countdown), or maybe making a fabric chain - or a chain with activities for each day? Do you do any countdowns with your kids? Or yourself? 

I do countdowns to 5 o' clock every day. ;)

EvieLyn Larson

Correction-Jesse tree!


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