You all know what I’m talking about. 
Today’s episode was a little surprising though. There are times when you just know that it is going to be a messy clean-up, and then there are others – like today – when you think maybe he needs a diaper change, and then you start pulling the pants down, and there is a nice trail from bottom to toe!

I know some of you might be thinking that this is so gross to be telling, and believe me, before I was a mom; I think I would have thought the same thing. But this is reality people, and it is good to know that we are not alone in this adventure!

So, getting back to today’s adventure! This was not going to be an easy clean up so I quickly maneuvered an awkward pick-up and away we went to the bathroom. Right to the tub, clothes on and all. I continued to shower my 11-month old down and as much as I try to get away with not getting dirty myself, sometimes it’s just not possible. 
Despite having just given my little sweetie a bath last night, he got all cleaned up again and smelled so fresh while I rocked him for his nap shortly after his surprise morning bath. 

Sometimes I wish I had someone taking pictures throughout the day today so I could re-count all of this for my husband when he comes home, because I know throughout the day we will have more adventures and this morning one will start to fade away and by this evening I will have to remember (which is becoming hard to do these days).

And let me just add, emergency baths don’t come when you are sitting around with nothing to do… 
No – these baths happen when you are all bundled up and about to walk out the door, or while your French toast needs to come off the stove!

I love being a mom of two boys, but before I was one, I don’t think I could understand all that it would include! 

So hang in there mamas! We are not alone in all this, and one day we will look back and have some great memories and good laughs. – Hopefully. 
Can anyone relate?

11/15/2012 02:01:01 am

I found out about a lovely blow out last week after picking Lauren up and carrying her on my hip. All of a sudden my hip felt wet...yuck! I can totally relate. How does so much stuff come out of something so small?!

11/15/2012 03:09:18 am

I know, right?!

11/15/2012 02:59:00 am

Yep! Had one of these last night!

11/15/2012 03:09:57 am

Ish! But they do stop! At some point. :)


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