Both of my boys have birthdays in December which makes for quite a busy month. We decided we would start having them boys share a birthday and since our oldest LOVES John Deere, and our youngest likes what his big brother likes, and since he doesn't really have a huge individual interest yet, we went with John Deere as a theme. 
I enjoy making things and themes for parties, so I started looking early, and although I had hopes of being done and ready well before the party, I once again found myself getting the final touches on, the DAY of the party. But I pulled it off and who would have known really!

I should have taken some more photos now that I think of it, but here's what I've got. I put together a little coloring book of tractor and farm pictures and thought it would be cute to melt old crayons into tractor molds to go with.
I had been looking a while and finally found a bag at the thrift store for $1.50! It was such a sweet find!
I had wanted only yellow and green but ended up with only a few sets of those and then went with blue and red which I gave to the girls of the family.
Colorful bowls of colorful crayons! (see below for instructions)
The final product! I also had a separate mold I used for suckers made from vanilla flavored chocolate. I thought it may be confusing, but I hadn't heard any problems so that's good! 
I also decided against making my own cake this year, eliminating any more stress or time it may involve and thought this cake turned out pretty darn cute! And. It was soooo delicious. Right from a local bakery, chocolate cake with a fudge layer in the middle, and cute veggies with eyes! And of course the tractors were a hit with my oldest. 
I had found some John Deere brand balloons on ebay and those were quite a hit with the cousins. I tied them to some toy tractors of ours and used them as centerpieces, however they did not stay on the table long. They became a take home party favor as well.
Over-all I'd say it was a pretty fun party. One of the best parts was that it wasn't at our house so less clean-up! We rented a room at the local bowling alley and they took care of the pizza and clean-up for us!
There's my littlest deere!

Crayon Molds

Boil a pot of water on the stove and grab an empty tin can with the wrapper off. Once the water is boiling add the crayons to the tin can and stir until it is all liquid. Pour into your mold and stick it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Once the crayons are completely cooled they will pop right out

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