I'm not even sure if 'not always rainbows' is a phrase, but it's what I first thought of, so feel free to start saying it.

I just wanted to share some reality again, I know I've mentioned it before, but things are not always just the way you want, or just the way you plan in life. That goes for anyone, and I feel especially for parents with young children. 
In our house for example, nap time and bed time have been a struggle with our oldest. He is 3 and sleeps in his toddler bed. Now to me, this looks very comfy, and I am sure there are days that I would just love to crawl into it and sleep, just give me a nap! But he does not feel that same way.
For whatever reason, whether it's because he doesn't want to miss out on anything, or I missed the window of bed and now he is over-tired... whatever it is, it can be very trying at times. Whether he would is laying in bed singing/talking for two hours, or constantly coming out of bed for two hours, bed-time has had it's ups and downs over at this house. 

Tonight, however, was amazing! I put a soft lullabye CD on in his room and he fell asleep to music playing and did not get out of bed once! A Miracle! It is so nice to have some quiet time to get things done or just get a breather! I'm hoping this works for at least a week! 

But back to the crazies that sometimes happen; here are a few examples for you that have happened during our nap times. Maybe a few ideas for your little ones:
Make your own science experiment... you just need lotion, baby wipes and powder and you make a lovely paste! Much more fun than napping!
A potluck of puzzles, books and toys. A sure way to keep the mind going.
I'm pretty sure that both times when this has happened, I could just see in his eyes he was soooo tired! Why do kids fight it so much?! 
Here's another one, not nap-time - but really...?
I'm sharing these to let you know you are not the only ones. But I know that all these stories will one day be fun memories that we share with our kids and look back on all too soon. 
I couldn't even make these things up though! Along with all the precious, sweet memories I have of my kiddos, I have some pretty awesome/drive mom crazy moments as well! 
Anyone feel like sharing theirs?!

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