Leg warmers may seem like a more girlie clothing item, but after seeing this handsome guy aren't you convinced that they are so cute!
I made my little babe these leg warmers with a matching tie onesie out of a pair of women's knee-high socks. 
I started by cutting the socks at the angle and then I measured the sock by setting it next to my son's leg. 
Then I cut 2 1/2 inch cuffs, folded them together with right sides out and pinned them to the end of the sock.
I sewed all the way around, which is a bit tricky since the opening is so small.
And there you have it! Now repeat for the other one!
The tie was a little tricky since the sock material is so stretchy. I cut down the back of the ankle sock I had left over and opened up the remainder. I tried ironing it but all that did was make it roll up! I got my tie template from this blog - http://www.crapivemade.com/2009/03/appliqued-tie-onesie.html
Lay the template over the sock material and cut out leaving some allowance to be folded underneath so as not to allow fraying.
Then cut out the exact shape of the tie from some Steam-A-Seam.
One the edges are folded over, position the tie knot under the neck in the center, using your iron, press the top half of the knot onto the onesie. It may curl up a bit because of the stretchy material, so I used some pins to hold it down until I was able to sew around it. 
Now tuck your tie up under the knot a little and iron.
Pin your tie in place and sew around the tie. You can make one fluid sewing path (which you can check out from that blog from above)
12/10/2012 07:53:01 am

You're awesome. I love it. And again I say, why would you cut that hair? He's a little rockstar.


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