Let's talk about how as a mom you don't get to use the bathroom. It's not like the days before children - when you had to go, you went - but now, you have to go and you have to time it just right so you can get in there and get out as fast as you can!

My kids can be playing just fine by themselves, but some how, once I sneak over to the bathroom, knock-knock - mom, what are you doing?!


And it's fresh on my mind since today there was an incident. 

Today I mosied over and decided to put up the baby gate to block the bathroom door, and of course my youngest trots over to me before I could get very far. Rather then just let him cry from me being gone for 30 seconds, I raised my finger and said some cutesy words like, "I'm going to get you", which makes him laugh a little and run away. Well the first time it sort of worked, but in a second he was back, so again I tried, and he backed up into the bedroom door, which swung all the way open, giving him just enough of a nudge to then throw him face forward into the opposite side of the door frame and create an instant line bruise on his forehead. 


I was just trying to go to the bathroom!

Please tell me I'm not the only one.

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