I went to a friend's shower not too long ago and she was given a super cute bird mobile made of felt. I guess it's the new craze. It got me thinking that I would like to try to make one for one of my best friends who is having her first baby boy. 

She likes foxes, and owls, and both her and hubs like outdoorsy type things, so I thought a forest theme would be just right.

Now I've never made a mobile before, but the internet is great for looking up ideas, so that's where I started. I looked up felt foxes, felt mobiles, felt owls, whatever I wanted to have in the mobile, then I hand drew a pattern for each.
Work station - pins, felt, patterns, hot chocolate!
I cut out the shapes and traced it onto tracing paper and then pinned that onto the felt. I glued the top pieces (belly, ears, nose...) onto the top of the main body. I also used floss to make knots for the eyes. Then once the glue dried, I hand sewed around the critter using embroidery floss. I left a small opening to stuff with stuffing, and then sewed it shut.
Cut pattern, glue, sew, stuff, sew, repeat... until you have all your desired creatures done.
I used a dowel and cut it into two same length pieces and had holes drilled in the middle and one on each end. I used some more embroidery floss to tie the two together and then kept wrapping the floss around the dowels until they were tight in place. (this is hard to do so I just did what I could to make it the tightest, tried super glue but that failed)
(I was a bit partial to the fox, it was sooo cute! I loved the over-sized head.)

Using some more floss, I strung the floss through the hole and down through each critter and tied a few knots so it wouldn't go right back through. If you try this, make the knot on the TOP of the dowel, not the bottom like I did, and make sure the floss is actually THROUGH the dowel before making the knot. -oh dear-
Make sure you leave plenty of floss available above the dowels to tie all four ends together and make even. I attached all four strings together with a circle key chain.
I'm happy with how it turned out and hope baby enjoys it! 
1/29/2013 05:53:10 am

Soooo adorable!

1/29/2013 08:09:57 am

Many, many thanks, Evita!!!

1/30/2013 09:25:53 am

G-man is going to love it because Mom & Dad sure do! :)

1/30/2013 11:48:31 pm

That is *so* great! I've been wanting to do a felted birdie mobile for years... maybe this is just the added inspiration I need! Love your creativity... keep going! :)


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