Framed burlap. Sounds super exciting right? Well maybe if you are crazy about burlap, but I think this craft turned out really cute and can't wait to make more!
I started with a wooden frame and sanded it to help the paint stick.
I mixed two yellows together to get a nice soft color and began painting.
First coat does not look so great, but after a second one it looked pretty good. I didn't want the wood to be shining through.

After the paint had dried, I used some rough sand paper and went over the top and sanded some areas to make it look distressed. I didn't love the frame until I did this step!

I had measured some thick cardboard I had gotten from some pictures in the mail and cut it to fit inside the frame. I cut around the board leaving some excess on each side so I could fold the burlap behind it to keep it from fraying. 

I hot-glued the burlap onto and around the cut out.
After glueing the burlap on, I had to glue the board to the frame. I placed the board inside and it fit very nicely. 
Since the frame I was working with did not have a back, I had to make my own.
I filled up the back with some more cardboard pieces and some burlap to make it sturdy, then glued one final piece onto the back. 
Then I took one of these clips I found at Office Max and used my hot-glue gun to fasten it in the middle of the front of the frame.
The clip came with a magnet attached to the back but I just used a pliers to get that off. Wah-lah!
Even though this frame did not have a back, it did already have a hook so it could be hung. 
And here is the final product!
This was another gift to my friend for her baby, and she has utilized it quite well!

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