Maybe I can blame it on the Polish in me, but WHO takes a shelf, sands it, paints it white, and then sands it AGAIN so it's back to being just wood??! WHO!?
Well, this gal does. I'm a bit indecisive. On like. Everything.

I was at my parent's house recently and noticed this oldie sitting in their back room being all forgotten about. And I thought, hey, I need another project to do, I'm always bored (please sense my sarcasm here). Anyway, I thought this shelf would be a good addition to my oldest's room. I could sand it, paint it and distress it (something I seriously enjoy doing, really) and then I could have bins go on the shelf and help organize his room and have his toys accessible. Win-Win. Raef get's a shelf, I get to spend some time doing something fun. Well...
Here is what I got this shelf down to.
And looking back now, I see how amazing it looked. But then I went and gave it a coat of white paint. WHITE. For some reason I always go with white. I wish I could go back and just slap a nice coat of stain on it and be on my way. But here is what I am currently in the middle of doing...
Yep. Sanding! Sanding it allll off. And since this wood has grooves in it, it's not as easy as the FIRST time. But I do have a vision, and this is not over... and it WILL look amazing! ;)

To Be Continued...
12/6/2012 05:14:14 am

White is my go-to color, too! I need some fresh ideas. Can't wait to see your vision come to life!


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